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Wellness Coaching


Are you seeking ways to make profound changes personally and/or professionally in your life? If so, you can benefit from hiring a coach to provide direction, support and accountability. These characteristics are integral to your success.


Let’s face it, unlocking hidden potential to one’s future growth and development can be quite challenging, particularly if done solo. Coaching is a partnership between the coach and client collaborating to create an optimum plan and execution strategy to reach a goal(s). There are several forms of coaching to assist with needed changes one will have to make to actualize goals. Be Well offers, soul, life and recovery coaching.

Be Well Offers 3 Styles of Coaching as follows:
Soul Coaching

is a unique system designed to help you uncover your blocks to happiness, release the obstacles, and aligns your inner spiritual life with your outer life. 

Life Coaching

helps you maximize your full potential and reach your desired goals.  Your coach is an accountability partner to help empower you to make, meet and exceed goals in both your personal and professional life

Recovery Coaching

is a form of strengths-based support for people with addictions or in recovery from alcohol, other drugs, codependency, or other addictive behaviors. Your coach will serve as a personal guide and mentor  to work with you during your recovery and healing process.

Be Well with Ease offers ten years of coaching experience to individuals, groups and professionals. Our lead coach, Mimi Percell developed a coaching program that has a two-prong approach to include soul coaching and life coaching. In creating these effective strategies, we target your unique skills and gifts. If you are struggling with an addiction, we have help for you too!


As a spiritual practitioner Mimi believes to achieve any level of change and growth one must bring their whole selves to the process – mind/body/spirit. The soul coaching awakens you to find the value, purpose and meaning of your life while life coaching moves you into action to attain your desired goals. Recovery coaching provides much needed support to maintain recovery from someone who has experienced and overcame addiction. We have a talented team of coaches available to walk with you on your journey and awakening.


Mimi Percell, NMT/LMNT/Professional Coach & Mentor

Each client’s needs are different and will require a personally designed set of tools and strategies for plan development. To get started you will have an initial assessment with a coach to establish a plan of action and a timeframe of services and cost. Coaching can be done in person and online.


For further information contact Mimi Percell at 678.521.0334 for an initial consultation.

"I am receiving recovery coaching from Zelita Dunbar for almost 4 months and I am very pleased with my progress.  Ms. Dunbar is compassionate, kind and very instrumental in keeping me on track with and accountable for my recovery.  She is very personable and I trust working with her...she also has a funny sense of humor and helps me not take myself so seriously. 

-Richard Peterson

Request Appointment Online or call us at 678.691.8002 to discuss your wellness needs!
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