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Incorporate wellness services into your business to reduce stress, boost employee morale, reduce workman compensation cases and market as an incentive towards employee retention.  We know a healthy team is important to your business where you are a small or large corporation, nonprofit, etc.  Today, companies are increasingly turning to chair/table massage, yoga, meditation and coaching to support a healthy lifestyle for employees.  


Be Well has a seven-year track record of providing onsite corporate wellness services ranging from bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly and during corporate health fairs. We invite you to partner with us in enhancing your team’s wellness.  Whether you are looking to set up regular services or a one-time event getting started with our onsite service is simple.  


“For our company wellness month, AKQA set out to provide our employees with massages. Mimi created an oasis for our employees to decompress and receive care. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with our employees noting Mimi's skill and attention to detail. Based on this, we extended our working relationship adding guided meditations to the offerings for our employees. She is wonderful to work with, holding a deep understanding of the body.”

-AmberNechole Hart, AKQA

Who Are We?

In 2015, Be Well with Ease Studio began as an inspiration to bring a studio of integrative wellness therapies to a growing need in the mental health, individual and corporate communities.  Today, Be Well has grown into a full service, practice to include energy & bodywork, wellness retreats, educational workshops and coaching to enhance quality of life and to support productivity in the workplace.  Our vision is a commitment to provide integrative mind/body therapies to our clients, to educate and train using principles and tools to achieve overall well-being.  Our mission is to offer our clients the benefits of corporate massage therapy, meditation and yoga therapies in the workplace.  We provide a highly effective wellness alternative to reduce stress, relieve muscle and joint pain, enhance circulation and flexibility, release toxins to bring clarity and peace to the body/mind.

We pride ourselves in delivering outstanding service starting with exceptional customer service from your initial inquiry to the end of your corporate event to ensure your employees are happy with our service.  Studies have compared and claimed sitting all day is as detrimental to one’s health as smoking cigarettes.  The effects of work-related health issues are constant head, back, neck, wrist pain and routine absenteeism.  It is proven wellness services promotes a healthy lifestyle and reduces employee risk of poor productivity.  We like to think Be Well is one solution to this growing problem.  Consider us a preventative health care measure to help reduce stress, increase circulation, clarity and productivity, boost employee morale and lower pain levels and discomfort from sitting and/or standing most of the day.

What better way to show your employees you care for their well-being as well as help them be their best at work?

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How It Works

Be Well with Ease Studio, LLC has a team of professional licensed massage therapist, certified yoga and meditation practitioners.  Our wellness practitioners are talented and received their education and certifications in eastern and western bodywork modalities.  They have traveled as far as Asia to Cuba and are delightfully serious about helping our clients to a restorative conclusion after each session.

 It is very true that teamwork makes the dream work!

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We ask that you select the time and date for your onsite-wellness service.  We will provide you  an online signup sheet to have available on day of the event.

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What We Offer

  • Massage chair - 15 & 30 minute sessions (minimum 2 hr – 8 hr day)

  • Table Massage – 30 to 60 minute sessions (minimum 2hr – 8 hr day)

  • Corporate Yoga - 30 minute sessions (can run concurrent for day events)

  • Corporate Meditation - 20 minute sessions (can run concurrent for day events)

  • Equipment set-up, professional massage chair, yoga mats & supplies

  • An assigned account manager (coordination of staffing and logistical details)

  • 24/7 Phone, Email and IM Support (include email reminders)

  • Full Risk Management Compliance

  • Online Scheduling System

  • Transportation to and from your site

  • Relaxing music (optional)

  • Aromatherapy (optional)

  • Market materials (flyers, posters, etc.)

  • Recurring service to your workplace


Be Well with Ease works with you to deliver the best results for your staff no matter the size or occasion.  Our team has brought wellness to the corporate, nonprofit, technology, film & TV industry, faith communities, hospitals, hotels, insurance industry, academia and public and private schools.  Many of our clients work extremely long days, especially filming production and health insurance companies.  Our services provide much needed and deserved relaxation to re-energize employees.  We have helped organizations to acknowledge and value their employees through the following events:

  • Health/Wellness Fair

  • Corporate Client Gift

  • Teachers Appreciation

  • Nurses Week

  • Students Appreciation

  • Insurance Enrollment

  • Film and TV Production Wrap Up

  • Film and TV Cast & Crew Appreciation

Our one-stop wellness service allows you to combine them to create spa parties at the office for festive holidays and corporate parties.  It is also ideal for the tradeshows, conventions, and concerts.   It’s a very affordable way to attract patrons to your major events.

Be Well has worked with some of the following organizations:

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