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About Be Well with Ease Studio

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Our Company

In 2014, Be Well with Ease Studio began as an inspiration to bring a studio of integrative wellness therapies to a growing need in the mental health, individual and corporate communities.  Today, Be Well has grown into a full service, practice to include energy & bodywork, wellness retreats, educational workshops and coaching to enhance quality of life and to support productivity in the workplace.

Our vision is a commitment to provide integrative mind/body therapies to our clients, to educate and train using principles and tools to achieve overall well-being.  

Our mission is to offer our clients a highly effective wellness alternative to reduce stress, relieve muscle and joint pain, enhance circulation and flexibility, release toxins to bring clarity and peace to the body/mind. 


“For more than 25 years my life’s work has been in serving people both as a consultant bringing positive change to quality of life in our communities, and as a wellness practitioner of the mind, body and spirit.”

- Mimi

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Meet the Team

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