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Mindful Yoga

Be Well with Ease Studio, LLC

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Yoga is the connection between the mind, body, and spirit. Be Well is currently offering online and outdoor popup yoga in natural spaces around Metro-Atlanta. Our yoga classes are Vinyasa (Flow), Yin and Restorative which are more relaxing. All classes are modified to serve beginners, intermediate and advanced Yogi’s! Our vision is to incorporate mindfulness and breathwork as an integral part of our yoga classes. Whether on or off the mat, we honor the body and its needs anywhere at any time.


Each practice will look and feel different as we are not the same every day! Some benefits of Yoga are calming the mind, reducing stress and anxiety levels and an overall support in physical, emotional, and mental health!

Rates for Online and Outdoor Popup Yoga
Child's Pose

Online Yoga Classes

Join us online for our weekly yoga classes led by one of our experienced and talented yoga instructors. We offer 45 minute and 60 minute online classes with an assortment of options to choose.  A regular yoga practice will have alignment poses to support joint health, strengthen the core, sweat out toxins, increase range of motion, improve flexibility, enhance muscle tone, reduce aches and pains and strengthen the body/mind.

Our online prices rates as follows:

  • 45 minute $10.00 

  • 60 minute $15.00

Contact us about package plans

Iyengar Class

Outdoor Popup Yoga Classes

  • $15 individual classes 

  • $45 package of three

What you Need to Know and Have for our Outdoor Popup Classes
  • If you're looking to join us at one of our pop-ups in person, please sign up in advance and arrive at least 5 minutes before class so we can safely set up our socially-distanced mats! 


  • Bring the following items: Mat, towel, water bottle, and a mask! (Sunscreen if needed)

Yoga at Home
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