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Post OP Recovery /

Lymphatic Massage

Mobile Services available
(exceptions are based on distance)


Recovering from recent surgery ranging from cosmetic (tummy tuck, breast augmentation, lipo-suction, lifts) to medical can be a very difficult time during the healing process. Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) is an excellent way of reducing swelling caused by fluid retention after cancer treatments and surgery.  Lymphatic massage for cosmetic post op recovery will reduce selling, scar tissue, and improve overall appearance, and shorten recovery time.
For medical post op recovery massage, the therapist aims to increase circulation, reduce inflammation, and improve range of motion.

Overall, Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage will help remove waste and toxins from the bodily tissues that will improve quality of life and benefit those with cancers, cosmetic surgeries, fibromyalgia, lymphedema and other conditions.  

How it is Done

During a lymph drainage massage, a specially-trained massage therapist uses a series of gliding, compressing, stretching, and cupping motions over the client's body. 


A lymphatic drainage massage uses pressure applied to key areas to unblock the flow. This technique is completely painless, as constant soft pressure is applied and increased slowly.  It may take up to 24 to 48 hours for lymphatic drainage to work in the body.

How will I feel?

A Lymphatic drainage massage can leave you feeling fatigued. Upon planning your session, we ask that you plan your schedule for rest after your session to give your body time to restore itself.  Lymphatic drainage work can also leave you thirsty.

Can I get sick after a Lymphatic Drainage?

Oftentimes after post op procedures you experience physical, emotional, or chemical stress and the lymphatic system can become stagnant.


Having a massage will increases the flow of lymph fluid, the fluid pushes these stagnant toxins through the system, causing the symptoms of detox or feelings of sickness in the body.

Several Benefits of Manual Lymphatic Drainage
  • Improved the immune system 

  • Reduced stress, anxiety and fatigue

  • Helps with breast feeding

  • Immediate results are general lightness

  • Glowing skin

  • Ease migraines and chronic pain 

The fluid drainage can occur 24-48 hours post session. The effects of lymphatic drainage massage vary depending on the health of one’s lymphatic system.

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